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'Vanitas and cherry blossoms'

The Work of Pippa Young

"There is something deeply emotional about looking at Pippa Young’s work. The lone figures who are introspective, dissociated in their personal void of dark or light colour, cut to the quick of the human experience. We are always with ourselves in the chiaroscuro of our mental landscape; whenever we turn away from a conversation, put down a book, stop looking at our phones, with eyes glazed we walk inside our heads. Alone, we always will be. Young holds a mirror up to the human experience, showing us the beauty in our melancholy..."

'Conjuring Colour'

The Work of Trudy Montgomery 

"Montgomery feels that the energetic information of place and self is encoded in the painting through colour. She sees herself as a conductor, feeling the rhythm of location beat in her heart, imbuing through the body, along the arm, out through the tips of her fingers, into the paintbrush which dips itself unknowingly into a colour on her palette. This relationship she has with the energy of place and its translation into colour is a conversation that she is not really in control of, feeling herself conjuring colour, not choosing it...."

'Widening the Horizon'

The Work of David Mankin

"The artist himself is an elemental force, filling up every available space within his work like water, refusing to crawl back from any boundary but hitting it with his full force until it breaks apart, picking up the pieces and rearranging them on a canvas so we can step inside his world and feel the wind take our breath away..."

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