"Thank you, Kate, for a great article! You have managed to put into words what I feel to paint. How do you do that?!

You have a talent for distilling the complexities of the creative process- as unique and yet universal to each artist as they are- into clear, compelling language we can all understand."

- Trudy Montgomery

"As a visual artist words are not my natural medium so the idea of attempting to describe my work to somebody else raised concerns about whether I would be able to convey my ideas clearly and whether the person I was talking to would 'get it'! I shouldn't have worried. Kate had prepared a concise and flexible structure for the commissioned interview with a balance of questions covering the key points about my work and process, but also a range of more probing questions which revealed deeper insights and sparked greater discussion. The resulting essay Widening the Horizon is testament to Kate's experienced and professional approach giving what I feel is a true picture of my inspirations, my process and ultimately what I'm trying achieve as an artist. I'm thrilled with Kate's final published essay. In fact the whole experience of working with Kate has not only helped me define my art practice but also think about where I want to take my work over the next few years. Invaluable. Kate is a hugely talented arts writer who really should be charging more! Highly recommended"


- David Mankin


"Working with Kate was invaluable. She was not only a fresh pair of eyes on my work, she helped me to define my work process, giving me clarity and confidence. She digs deep and takes the effort to gain an understanding, respectful of privacy and what is revealed. A perfect balance of her unique view, with an honouring of the artist. Kate is an intelligent, intuitive and creative writer – a good communicator who really listens – open to clarification and fine-tuning.The end result is akin to a satellite-like overview and a microscopic scrutiny. Highly recommended."

- Hils Tranter

"When Kate visited my studio I was so struck by her passion for artistic endeavour. Her insights arose fresh, vital and relevant to our changing society. To have her write on my work took me back to when I started.   

Her childhood steeped in bohemian creativity, her personal interest in art history, along with her rigorous studies in English and Creative Writing, means she can get under the skin of any artist. Her writing delivers the energising impact artists need to see their own work anew and it will take her on a unique and truly meaningful path."

- Jesse Leroy Smith