David Mankin
Remembering in Paint 

By Kate Reeve-Edwards 



David Mankin is a contemporary painter of abstract landscapes based in Cornwall. A series of successful shows and a fast-expanding following has generated a widespread interest in how Mankin creates his evocative paintings. The aim of this book is to explore his creative process in detail, giving the reader access to the sources and influences that inform his work. 


The author’s interrogation of Mankin’s process was born out of a period of collaboration with the artist. Reeve-Edwards spent time with Mankin in his studio – observing, drawing, painting, talking. Through this hands-on approach she gained a unique insight into how Mankin’s dynamic canvases come into being. 


Reeve-Edwards looks into Mankin’s continually evolving studio practice: his sources, both external and internal, his methods, tools, and materials. She places Mankin’s work and approach to painting within the wider context of the Action Painters and Abstract Expressionists of the mid-twentieth century, as well as exploring Mankin’s individual approach to abstract painting. 


This book covers the periods of exploration, managed accident, analysis, and contemplation that lie behind Mankin’s expressive handling of materials. 


Through its pages the reader can gain a remarkable insight into the artist’s work, process, and profound attachment to the Cornish landscape. 

'David Mankin- Remembering in Paint' will be 176 pages, featuring over 200 images of paintings, sketches, and collages made between 2013 and 2021. The publication date is the 28th August and it will retail at £35. Worldwide shipping will be available.


This exciting project has come to fruition over the past year and represents an exciting collaboration between David Mankin, the arts publisher Sansom & Company, Cultivator Cornwall, and Cornwall Contemporary. To pre-order a copy of 'David Mankin- Remembering in Paint', please click the button below.