Coming from an arts background, I have always been drawn to the visual world. This, combined with a fascination with literature and writing, has allowed me to create work that sits in the liminal space between academic essays and journalistic art-criticism, with an element of poetic flair.


In my writing, I seek to inhabit the position of the artist in question, spending up to five hour interviews chasing their thought-patterns, beliefs and processes, to write a piece that harmonises with their artistic line-of-enquiry. I want to allow artists the opportunity to put down in words exactly how they see themselves and their work, yet framed in an academic structure; looking for the through-line of the artist's work and using this as a structural-spring board to write the essay around. 

As an arts writer, I am the person who seeks to put into words what the artist puts on their canvas.  I inhabit their space, listen to their artistic-position, and write to the centre of the work, exposing its raw truth. 


  • Artist Essays 

  • Artist Statements 

  • Gallery Blog Management 

  • Catalogue Entries 

  • Society Application Editing 

  • Website Content 

  • Exhibition Reviews


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